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What do I need to apply for a work permit?

It depends on:

  • the job you want to do
  • the program you want to apply for
  • whether or not your job requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

In most cases, you will need one or more of the following documents to apply for a work permit:

  • an LMIA number from your employer if your job needs an LMIA
  • proof that your employer has submitted an offer of employment through the Employer Portal
  • an employment contract or letter (if your employer is exempt from the employer compliance process)
  • proof that you are certified, accredited or qualified to work in the job you want

In some cases, you might be exempt from an LMIA:

  • Mobilité Francophone allows Canadian employers hire French-speaking and bilingual workers from abroad, to work outside of Quebec in managerial, professional, and technical and skilled trades occupations.
  • If you are between 18 and 35 years old, you can have a temporary work permit under the International Experience Canada.
  • Other LMIA exempt work permits

What is a Labour Market Impact Assessment?

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker.

A positive LMIA will show that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job. It will also show that no Canadian worker is available to do the job. A positive LMIA is sometimes called a confirmation letter.

If the employer needs an LMIA, they must apply for one.

Once an employer gets the LMIA, the worker can apply for a work permit.

To apply for a work permit, a worker needs:

  • a job offer letter,
  • a contract,
  • a copy of the LMIA, and
  • the LMIA number.

What is a job offer letter?

A job offer letter is a document that a Canadian employer gives you (as a temporary worker). It explains the details of your job.

Generally, a job offer letter (or “employment letter”) is less detailed than a contract.

The letter includes information about:

  • your pay and deductions from your pay
  • your job duties
  • conditions of employment, such as hours of work

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